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Looking for an Integrated Medicine/Functional Medicine Expert Job? Check out this job posting

Integrated Medicine/Functional Medicine Expert Job: Medical Graduate Jobs

Xiimba ecosystem is a Public Benefit Corporation (PIB). The motto is to run the company in a way that balances the financial interests of the stockholders, the best interest of the people materially affected by our interventions as well and the promotion of our specific public benefit purpose. Our belief is that an integrated, comprehensive, singular ecosystem development and transformation would bring about real upliftment of the bottom of the pyramid. For this impact to be replicable and scalable it will require innovative, exponential technologies across multiple sectors including “Real Estate, Petcare, Agribusiness, MSME, Healthcare, Legal Services & Retail” etc. Medical Graduate Jobs.

The idea behind the enterprise is to design and demonstrate an effective & affordable model / solution towards addressing a more complex scenario of productive longevity thereby disrupting the existing approaches within the healthcare ecosystem globally.

Job Posting: Integrated Medicine/Functional Medicine Expert


  • Establish and manage the interdisciplinary clinical practice model focusing on integrative medicine.
  • Examine a broad range of integrative therapies and lifestyle medicine approaches for prevention, control, treatment, and secondary prevention across health domains.
  • Dissemination and implementation of existing research to determine optimal approaches to ensure research evidence is translated into community settings to improve patient outcomes, particularly in under-resourced communities.
  • Create a knowledge library around existing researches / clinical trials and strengthen partnerships with research entities / bodies / stakeholders.


  • Medical Graduate mandatory (BAMS/ BHMS/ BUMS/ BNYS)
  • Preferable along with PhD, MD or doctoral equivalent in fields such as Ayurveda, Health Outcomes Research, Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioural Science, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Epidemiology, Naturopathic Medicine or other field related to the practice and research of integrative oncology and integrative/lifestyle medicine.
  • Proven leadership skills in understanding policy, clinical & technical integration compliances as well as sound understanding of global health service delivery systems & structures.




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