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Get Paid to Treat Patients as a Treating Doctor -Freshers can Apply

Get Paid to Treat Patients as a Treating Doctor – Fresher MBBS Jobs

Amura is a digital healthcare platform – a hospital on the cloud. We’re a team of original thinking and passionate team of doctors, dredging every science available to carve a new and powerful practice of medicine. We don’t just consult and treat. We take absolute ownership of the health of people who enroll with us, by being in touch 24/7 and helping them achieve their best health and a better quality of life! Amura offering Fresher MBBS Jobs. Apply for the Fresher MBBS Jobs.

Job role – Treating Doctor (MBBS)

Location –  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (On-site)

About your work – 

  • Here, you would get to speak to the patients through their treatment and understand their unique elaborate history
  • Ask them to fill out the required investigation and assessment forms to collect additional data to assess the patient’s health, apart from the detailed history
  • Diagnose the different problems a person might be going through by assessing all the health data points collected, to make a comprehensive diagnosis
  • Analyze the blood reports submitted by the patient and learn how simple deficiencies alter the entire health of a patient
  • Choose the appropriate treatment option from the ones designed, as per the diagnosis made
  • Handhold the patients to implement the care plan provided, and into the entire process
  • Handle any medical problems faced by the patient instantly, while implementing the care plan
  • Consistently reassess the progress of the patient, at set intervals
  • Savour the satisfaction of helping, treating, and changing a person’s life for good!

Why is this a special place to be in?

  • No working in isolation. Meet the entire team, once a week at the same table. Discuss problems and be guided into growth.
  • Experience organic but exponential career growth in the direction of your skills and aspirations – technical or managerial, depending on your hunger and eagerness to grow.
  • Attend classes and training sessions to improve your personality and clinical skills
  • Master the forgotten art of history collection
  • Celebrate the joy of contribution and belongingness
  • Engage with people from different cities, countries, languages, and cultures, and broaden your horizon
  • Operate with an innovative patient management system, created by its very own IT team

Qualifications – 

  • You like to explore new ideas
  • Want to be valued and be respected for who you are
  • Be recognized for all the hard work you put in
  • Are willing to grow actively, with a zest for learning
  • Be a torchbearer of something next big trend in medicine
  • Want to prepare yourself for the future of medicine – “Digital Healthcare System”
  • We are super pumped to add another brilliant mind to our team! Are you one?
  • If this applies to you, please do get in touch with us.
  • If this applies to your friend or an acquaintance, ask them to contact us.




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