How to Qualify NEET in Just 7 Days: The Ultimate Weekly Format Revealed!, Qualify NEET, Weekly Format, Pillars of Strategy, Subject-wise Approach, Grand Test
How to Qualify NEET in Just 7 Days: The Ultimate Weekly Format Revealed!

How to Qualify NEET: A Simple 7-Day Weekly Format

The Ultimate Weekly Format Revealed!

Ranks, scores, exams, and competitions have become an integral part of a student’s life. However, not everyone wants to be caught up in this grind. Some students simply aim to qualify for NEET without aspiring for top ranks. It’s important to understand that there is no shame in pursuing this goal, and you are not alone in your aspirations. Many students feel overwhelmed by the constant discussions about ranks, scores, and competition from their peers.

The Four Pillars of Strategy- The Ultimate Weekly Format Revealed

Before we dive into the weekly format, it’s important to understand the four pillars of the strategy pyramid: questions, topic awareness, marking scheme, and selecting your smart source. These pillars form the foundation of your preparation and will help you in your journey toward qualifying for NEET.


Setting a question paper is not a random task. Examiners follow a certain structure to ensure that marks are proportional to the effort put in by students. The majority of questions come from a common pool of topics and are repeated often. These questions reflect the basics of the subject, which you must know for NEET. Carefully analyzing and understanding these questions is crucial.

Topic Awareness

Level one and level two questions, which constitute the majority of the exam, come from this common topic pool. To cover these topics effectively, focus on analyzing three key sources: previous year’s questions, question banks, video sources featuring revision, and MCQ discussion videos. By dedicating time to these resources, you will easily cover level one and level two topics.

Marking Scheme

Understanding the marking scheme is essential for scoring well in NEET. Each correct answer earns you plus four marks, while each wrong answer incurs a penalty of minus one mark. Given this, it’s important to attempt a question only if you can confidently narrow it down to two possible answers. Guesswork is discouraged, as luck does not necessarily favor the brief in this exam.

Selecting a Smart Source

While any resource in the market can aid your preparation, it’s important to choose the right tool that suits your needs.

The Weekly Format: The Ultimate Weekly Format Revealed

Now that we have covered the pillars of strategy, let’s explore the weekly format that will help you qualify for NEET efficiently.

Taking a Grand Test

Every week, start with a grand test that includes a wide variety of 300 different questions from various topics and subjects. Initially, the questions may seem random, but as you progress, you will start predicting which questions are more likely to appear. Your goal is to master these 300 questions throughout the week, not just on the day of the test.

Subject-Wise Approach

In addition to the grand test, devote time during the week for subject-wise preparation. Take one subject a day according to your choice.

For each subject:

  1. Start by completing all the previous year’s questions.
  2. Move on to question banks with relevant hashtags.
  3. If you have time, watch the MCQ discussion videos.

Reserve Saturdays for revision and dedicate the whole day before the next grand test to revising what you have studied during the week. Start each Sunday with a fresh grand test and repeat this cycle until your exam day.


To summarize, your typical week should include a grand test on Sunday, reviewing the 300 questions throughout the week, and completing the previous year’s questions and question banks for each subject. Reserve Saturdays for revisions, and start each new week with a grand test. By following this format diligently, you can be confident in qualifying for NEET.

Remember, to qualify for NEET, you need to study smartly and be aware of the necessary information. Now that you have the knowledge of this format, implement it in your preparation over the next few weeks, and success will follow.


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