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Comparative Analysis Of NEET Exam Papers

NEET Previous Year Exam Question Paper Analysis From 2021 To 2017 

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which was previously known as AIPMT (All India Pre-Medical Test) is a national level entrance examination for medical aspirants seeking admission in undergraduate programs like AYUSH (BHMS, BUMS, BAMS, etc.), dental (BDS), and medical (MBBS) courses in private & government institutes in India as well as abroad. From the year 2019, NTA or National Testing Agency has been conducting this all-India examination. The NEET exam is a single doorway for admissions to over 66,000 BDS & MBBS seats across India.

Each year, NEET exam paper analysis is carried out by professionals post the examination. This detailed analysis, based on student reactions & expert views, helps candidates to better understand the difficulty level of the NEET exam and get a clear picture of their performance during the exam. Additionally, students can predict their score & chances of clearing the NEET exam. Students can also pre-plan the admission procedures for the prospective colleges in which they could get admission based on the NEET exam analysis. As NEET exam analysis explicitly discusses the topic-wise distribution of questions in the NEET exam, candidates can decide which subjects to focus on more. Looking at the consecutive NEET exam pattern over the years is equally important for both future test-takers and for candidates who have already appeared for the NEET exam.

This is one of the most competitive & hardest gateway examinations for medical students. Annually, there is a notable rise in the number of candidates appearing for the exam. Owing to its fierce competition, it is always best for NEET aspirants to stay abreast about all the details for acing the NEET exam. This article is an extensive report on the comparison of difficulty level & topic-wise distribution per subject for the NEET exam papers. Here we have taken the NEET exam analysis of the past five years (2021-2017). This write-up aims to give a comprehensible depiction of the progressive changes within the NEET examinations conducted in the last five years.

NEET Exam Paper Analysis- Overview

NEET Previous Year Question Paper Analysis

Prior to the detailed comparison, here is a quick glance at the NEET exam details.

Organizing Body NTA
Mode Of Exam Offline (Pen & Paper)
Time Taken 3 hours (180 minutes)
Total Questions 180 out of 200 questions need to be answered
Question Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)
Medium Of The Exam 13 languages (Urdu, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Hindi & English)
Marking Scheme +4 for each correct answer
-1 for each incorrect answer
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Things To Know Before Preparing For NEET

NEET Exam Syllabus

NEET exam syllabus consists of topics included in Class 12 & 11 syllabi of Biology, Chemistry & Physics. NEET question paper is framed based on the particular syllabus provided by the MCI or Medical Council of India. MCI designs the NEET exam syllabus after careful analysis of the State boards syllabus as well as the syllabus specified by COBSE, CBSE, NCERT in class 12 & 11 subjects (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) in order to assure uniformity in medical education throughout the country. Acquiring familiarity with the NEET exam syllabus can ensure that one does extensive preparation for all the topics.

NEET exam syllabus provides good knowledge on the high weightage topics & mark allotments. Prior to starting NEET exam preparations, candidates are advised to clearly understand each and every topic in the prescribed syllabus. The main focus of the NEET exam syllabus is to help students in understanding the content to be studied. A smart strategy should be devised & executed for acing the NEET exam with flying colors.

The following content discusses the NEET exam syllabus topics from which questions were asked for the past five consecutive years. For NEET aspirants to understand better, we have provided the recent syllabus of the NEET exam (2021) which coincides with the Class 12 & 11 syllabi.

Subject Syllabus Topics
Biology (Zoology+Botany) Class 11 Human physiology
Plant physiology
Cell function & structure
Structural organization- animals & plants
Diversity in the living world
Class 12 Environment & ecology
Biotechnology & its applications
Human welfare & biology
Evolution & genetics
Chemistry Class 11 Environmental chemistry
Organic chemistry- Few basic techniques & principles
Few p-block elements
s-block elements (Akaline & alkali earth metals)
Redox reactions
States of matter: liquids & gases
Molecular structure & chemical bonding
Classification of periodicity & elements in properties
Structure of atom
Few basic concepts of chemistry
Class 12 Chemistry, polymers & biomolecules in everyday life
Nitrogen-containing organic compounds
Carboxylic acids, ketones & aldehydes
Ethers, phenols & alcohols
Haloarenes & haloalkanes
Coordination compounds
f & d block elements
p block elements
Process of isolation & general principles of elements
Surface chemistry
Chemical kinetics
Physics Class 11 Wave & oscillations
Kinetic theory & behavior of perfect gas
Properties of bulk matter
The motion of systems of rigid body & particles
Power, energy & work
Laws of motion
Measurement & physical-world
Class 12 Electronic devices
Nuclei & atoms
Dual nature of radiation & matter
Electromagnetic waves
AC & electromagnetic induction
Magnetic effects of magnetics & current
Current electricity
Electro statistics


NEET Exam Paper Analysis- NEET Exam 2021 

According to the NEET candidates and experts, this year’s paper was between easy to moderate. Nonetheless, few test-takers commented that the paper was lengthy. Questions from Physics were challenging for the NEET 2021. Chemistry & Biology (Botany & Zoology) questions were comparatively easy to moderate. NEET experts stated that the recently conducted NEET exam had some improvisations and hence the quality of the paper was good. Additionally, NEET 2021 paper had numerous matching-type questions along with reasoning & assertion questions. The entire paper was based on Class 11th & 12th NCERTs.

How To Prepare For NEET? – Preparation Tips

Section-wise distribution for NEET 2021

  • Zoology
    • Zoology-based questions could be comfortably answered with good expertise in NCERTs & basics
    • There were a few extremely interlinked questions that needed complete comprehension
    • Simply yet tricky questions demanded complete distinctness & focus on the options & keywords of the question
    • Overall, Zoology was moderate for NEET 2021
  • Botany 
    • This part involved an interesting blend of questions
    • There were conceptual & factual questions for NEET 2021
    • Difficult questions from Botany required a sound understanding of the fundamentals
    • Overall, Botany was between easy to moderate
Topics In Biology (Zoology & Botany) Questions Asked For NEET 2021
Environmental issues 1
Ecosystem 3
Populations & organisms 4
Biotechnology & its applications 5
Biotechnology: processes & principles 6
Microbes in human welfare 1
Strategies for enhancement in food production 3
Human disease & health 3
Evolution 1
Molecular basis of inheritance 10
Principles of variation & inheritance 2
Reproductive health 3
Human reproduction 3
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants 3
Movement & locomotion 4
Circulation & body fluids 3
Exchange of gases & breathing 3
Absorption & digestion 2
Plant development & growth 3
Respiration in plants 1
Photosynthesis in higher plants 4
Transport in plants 1
Cell division & cycle 7
Biomolecules 3
Cell: The unit of life 2
Structural organization in animals 3
Anatomy of flowering plants 3
Morphology of flowering plants 2
Animal kingdom 4
Plant kingdom 5
Biological classification 1
The living world 1
  • Chemistry
    • This section was relatively short
    • Three questions were graphical & five were matrix match type
    • Questions were repeatedly asked from ‘Acidic strength of halogen acids’
    • There were statement-based questions & numerical as well
    • Most questions were based on the tables, figures & facts from NCERTs
    • For NEET 2021 Chemistry section, most of the questions were framed from the Class 12 syllabus
    • Overall, Chemistry was between easy to moderate
Sections In Chemistry Topics Questions Asked For NEET 2021
Organic Chemistry Chemistry in everyday life 1
Polymers 1
Biomolecules 1
Amine 2
Carbonyl compound 3
Ether, phenol & alcohol 1
Haloarenes & haloalkanes 2
Hydrocarbons 4
Techniques & basic principles 1
Inorganic Chemistry Coordination chemistry 2
Environmental chemistry 1
Metallurgy 2
f & d-block 2
p-block 3
s-block 2
Chemical bonding 5
Physical Chemistry Ionic equilibrium 1
Atomic structure 1
Mole concept 1
Nuclear chemistry 1
Chemical kinetics 2
Solutions 2
Surface chemistry 1
Electrochemistry 2
Thermodynamics 1
States of matter 2
Solid-state 2
  • Physics
    • Few questions from both sections A & B were tricky and twisted
    • Questions from photoelectric effect, semiconductors & optics needed some extra attention for answering
    • Physics-based numerical dominated in this paper
    • Overall, Physics was between moderate to difficult
Topics In Physics Questions Asked For NEET 2021
Mechanics 13
Thermodynamics & heat 4
Electricity & electrostatics 11
Optics 4
Wave & SHM 3
Magnetism 7
Electronics & modern physics 8

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NEET Exam Paper Analysis- NEET Exam 2020

NEET exam for the year 2020 got mixed responses. Nonetheless, the paper was between moderate to easy. In terms of difficulty level, it was a standard paper. Owing to the pandemic-driven long exam preparation time, students expected it to be quite difficult. All the questions for NEET 2020 were sourced from NCERTs. The particular aspect of NEET exam 2020 was that all the questions were direct & comprehensible. Biology-based questions were the easiest ones whereas Physics-based questions were a bit difficult. Questions from Chemistry (specifically organic chemistry) had a few challenging & interesting questions.

NEET Previous Year Question Paper Analysis

Section-wise distribution for NEET 2020

  • Zoology
    • Some questions needed concept interlinking
    • The zoology section of the NEET 2020 paper evaluated the candidate’s conceptual knowledge
    • Some questions were twisted & demanded some cogitating
    • 22 questions were from the Class 12 syllabus & 25 from the Class 11 syllabus
    • Overall, Zoology was moderate for NEET 2020
Topics In Zoology Questions Asked For NEET 2020
Human diseases & health 4
Evolution evidence & theories 4
Reproductive health & human reproduction 4
Biotechnology & animal husbandry 10
Structural organization of animals 2
Animal kingdom 5
Biomolecules 6
Human physiology 12
  • Botany
    • Most of the questions were based on concepts
    • Few questions had more than one correct answer
    • 18 questions were from the Class 12 syllabus & 25 questions were from the Class 11 syllabus
    • Compared to the NEET 2019, 2020 paper had a challenging Botany section
Topics In Botany Questions Asked For NEET 2020
Sexual & asexual reproduction 2
Biology in human welfare 2
Ecology 7
Genetics 7
Diversity of life 5
Structural organization of plants 5
Cell cycle & cell 6
Plant physiology 9
  • Chemistry
    • This section was relatively short and could be completed within 45 minutes
    • Most of the questions were straightforward
    • Tricky questions were asked from organic chemistry
    • Overall, Chemistry was between easy to moderate for NEET 2020
Topics In Chemistry Questions Asked For NEET 2020
Inorganic chemistry 16
Organic chemistry 13
Physical chemistry 16
  • Physics
    • As questions involved short calculations, any candidate with thorough practice could ace this section
    • For NEET 2020, one-third of the Physics section was based on NCERT content
    • Overall, Physics was comparatively easier than the NEET 2019 paper
Topics In Physics Questions Asked For NEET 2020
Optics 4
Electricity 9
Modern physics 8
Magnetism 6
Waves 1
Thermodynamics & heat 5
Mechanics 12

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NEET Exam Paper AnalysisNEET Exam Paper Analysis- NEET Exam 2019

NEET experts reviewed NEET 2019 as an average paper. Biology (Zoology & Botany) questions were the easiest in the NEET 2019 paper. Although the Chemistry section was short, it was moderately difficult. Physics, on the other hand, was lengthy. According to the test-takers, few found the questions challenging whereas some others were content with the paper. Since the entire paper was based on NCERTs, Chemistry & Biology questions were easy to answer with adequate preparation.

Section-wise distribution for NEET 2019

  • Biology (Zoology & Botany)
    • This section was the easiest of all for the NEET 2019 paper
    • 5 questions were found to be difficult
    • 71 questions were fared as average
    • 14 questions were found to be easy
    • Overall, Biology was easy for NEET 2019
Topics In Biology (Zoology & Botany) Questions Asked For NEET 2019
Ecology 8
Microbes in human welfare 5
Strategies of enhancement in food production 1
Human diseases & health 4
Evolution 3
Molecular biology & genetics 10
Reproductive health & human reproduction 5
Reproduction in plants 4
Human physiology 14
Biotechnology 5
Plant physiology 9
Biomolecule 2
Cell division & biology 7
Structural organization in animals 2
Plant anatomy 3
Plant morphology 1
Animal diversity 2
Plant diversity 5
  • Chemistry
    • Most questions from this section demanded conceptual clarity
    • Few questions were application-based
    • This section was quite scoring as none of the questions were difficult
    • 10 questions were moderate
    • Almost 35 questions were easy
    • Overall, Chemistry was smooth for NEET 2019
Topics In Chemistry Questions Asked For NEET 2019
Physical chemistry 19
Organic chemistry 12
Inorganic chemistry 14
  • Physics
    • This section was relatively the most lengthy & difficult of all
    • All Physics-based questions were tricky & involved calculations
    • For the NEET 2019 paper, the entire Physics syllabus was covered
    • Over 85% of questions were moderate & the rest were difficult
    • Overall, Physics was difficult & time-consuming
Topics In Physics Questions Asked For NEET 2019
Current electricity 3
Thermodynamics & heat 3
Capacitor & electrostatics 4
Modern physics 6
Properties of matter 3
Wave & ray optics 4
AC, magnetic effects of current & magnetism 5
Mechanics 17

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NEET Exam Paper AnalysisNEET Exam Paper Analysis- NEET Exam 2018

NEET 2018 exam paper was evaluated as easy to moderate. When compared to NEET 2017, this paper was easier to answer. Questions were primarily straightforward and less arduous. Around 10 to 12 questions were highly conceptual and needed interlinking of different concepts.

Section-wise distribution for NEET 2018

  • Biology (Zoology & Botany)
    • According to the quality & lengthiness of the questions, Biology-based questions were the easiest
    • For the NEET 2018 paper, around 44 questions were from the class 11 syllabus & 46  were from the class 12 syllabus
    • The Biology section in this paper had very few application-based questions
Topics In Biology  Questions Asked For NEET 2018
Zoology 41
Botany 38
Applied biology 11
  • Chemistry 
    • The Chemistry section for the NEET 2018 paper was moderately difficult
    • Numerical-based questions from physical chemistry were mostly based on formulas
    • For the NEET 2018 paper, 25 questions were from the class 11 syllabus & 20 were from the class 12 syllabus
Topics In Chemistry  Questions Asked For NEET 2018
Physical chemistry 22
Organic chemistry 13
Inorganic chemistry 11
  • Physics
    • For the NEET 2018 paper, the Physics section was the most lengthy & toughest
    • Around 21 questions were from the class 11 syllabus & 24 were from the class 12 syllabus
    • Overall, Physics was moderately easy due to mark distribution
Topics In Physics  Questions Asked For NEET 2018
Nuclear & modern physics 4
Wave optics & optics 5
Kinetic theory & thermodynamics 6
Electrodynamics 15
Mechanics 15

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NEET Exam Paper AnalysisNEET Exam Paper Analysis- NEET Exam 2017

NEET experts claimed that both exam papers from the years 2016 & 2017 were nearly the same. Questions from Chemistry were the easiest to answer among the others. Both Zoology & Botany-based questions were tough.

Section-wise distribution for NEET 2017

  • Zoology
Topics In Zoology Questions Asked For NEET 2017
Reproductive health 2
Strategies for enhancement of food production 2
Human reproduction 1
Microbes in human welfare 3
Human disease & health 3
Human physiology 16
Biotechnology 3
Evolution 1
Animal physiology 1
Biomolecules 4
Animal kingdom 3
Animal morphology 1
  • Botany 
Topics In Botany Questions Asked For NEET 2017
Reproduction in the flowering plant 5
Plant morphology 2
Plant kingdom 6
Plant anatomy 3
Morphology of flowering plants 1
Morphology 1
Molecular basis of inheritance 6
Living world 1
Genetics 5
Ecology 6
Cell biology 4
Biological classification 3
  • Chemistry 
Topics In Chemistry Questions Asked For NEET 2017
Electrochemistry 1
Colligative & solution properties 1
Surface & solid state chemistry 2
Thermochemistry & thermodynamics 2
Mole concept 1
Chemical kinetics 2
Chemical equilibrium 2
Ionic equilibrium 1
Practical organic chemistry 1
Nuclear chemistry & atomic structure 1
Environmental chemistry 1
Isomerism & IUPAC 2
Carbonyl compounds 4
Chemistry in everyday life 1
Aromatic compounds 1
Biomolecules 1
General organic chemistry 3
Alcohol, ether & alkyl halide 2
Metallurgy 1
Qualitative analysis 1
f & d block elements 2
Periodicity & periodic table 1
Coordination compounds 4
Chemical bonding 5
s & p block 2
  • Physics
Topics In Physics Questions Asked For NEET 2017
Optics 5
Waves & SHM 4
Mechanics 13
Modern physics 8
Electrodynamics 10
Thermodynamics & heat 5

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NEET Exam Paper AnalysisComparison Of NEET Exam Papers From 2021 To 2017

Difficulty curve

  • Over the last five years, the NEET exam paper has been designed in such a way that it is easy to moderate for NEET aspirants
  • Only during NEET 2019, there were over 60% moderate questions
  • The easiest paper was the NEET paper from the year 2018
  • The most difficult paper was the NEET paper from the year 2020

NEET Exam Paper Analysis

Class-wise distribution of topics

  • The trend followed in the past five years indicate that both class 11 & class 12 syllabi are crucial for the NEET examination
  • In most cases, around 50% of questions were picked from both class 11 & class 12 NCERTs
  • Two years in a row (NEET 2019 & 2020), there were 50% of questions from both class 11 & 12
  • However, for the rest of the years, there were slight differences
  • Comparatively, the class 12 syllabus was given more weightage

NEET Exam Paper Analysis

Common topics asked in the last 5 years

  • Biology: Ecosystem, genetics, biotechnology, microbes in human welfare, human disease, human health, evolution, reproductive health, human reproduction, cell biology, plant morphology & biomolecules
  • Chemistry: Inorganic, organic & physical chemistry (Chemistry in everyday life, carbonyl compound, ether, phenol, alcohol, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, metallurgy, f, d, p & s-block, chemical bonding, ionic equilibrium, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, chemical kinetics, solutions, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and solid-state)
  • Physics: Mechanics, thermodynamics & heat, optics, electronics, and modern physics

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NEET Exam Paper Analysis, NEET Previous Year Question Paper Analysis



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