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Top 20 List of Best Books For NEET Biology Exam 2022-23

Best NEET Biology Books – Top 20 List

The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test or NEET is one of the most important exams for those who are willing to make his/her career in the field of medical science across the country. As we all know NEET (UG) syllabus primarily includes the key concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology taught in classes 11 and 12. And among these subjects, Biology holds the highest weightage. In fact, this Biology section decides the success of students who appear for the NEET exam. Presenting to you a complete list of Best Books For NEET Biology.

Biology is broadly classified into Botany and Zoology. When it comes to Botany the questions are quite challenging by nature and one can expect questions directly from NCERT books. On the other hand, when it comes to Zoology one can expect moderate questions, especially from Human Physiology topics.

The most important topics include – 

From Class 11 – Diversity in the living world, Structural organization in plants and animals, Cell structure and Function, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology, etc.

From Class 12 – Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology and its Applications, Ecology and Environment.

First and foremost, the thing for every NEET aspirant to be followed is that they must analyze the syllabus of classes 11 and 12 thoroughly. Accordingly, they must plan a strategy on covering up the topics in the estimated timings. For any competitive exam, one must follow reference books that will help in getting the concepts clearer and have a better understanding of topics.

Be cautious…!!! Don’t run randomly after every book that is being marketed, only go with trusted resources. 

Choosing the right book is a crucial task but if he/she understands and analyzes the perspectives it becomes easier to choose.

The very first thing to be considered while choosing a book is that it must be starting from basic concepts and must have simple language to make things easily understandable. Always go for a book that is worth spending money on. As it is a clear fact that the syllabus of NEET is very much similar to NCERT so one must keep this point in mind while choosing the book. Go for a book that is straightforward – meaning it should not have exaggerations or unwanted details rather go for those books which stick to the importance of concepts.

Apart from that PYQs are very important so the book you choose must have questions based on the latest trends so that one can practice more and more. As someone said, “ Practice is a key to Success”. So make a habit of practicing on a regular basis. One must schedule in such a way that he/ she must dedicate ample time for revision and work out as well as analyze questions.

 So here are some of the best books for NEET Biology to crack NEET Exam 2022-23:

1. Biology NCERT XI and XII – Undoubtedly NCERT books are the first preference when it comes to the NEET exam. The primary reason is that its language is extremely simple and easily understandable by everyone. Not only that this book provides you the base so the concepts will be very much clear. NCERT books have well-defined diagrams so studying through diagrams is better, time-saving, and can be retained in the memory for a longer duration. Apart from that NEET question paper comprises questions that are directly taken from these books such as questions related to tables, paragraphs, data’s and sometimes even diagrams too, thus paving the way towards scoring better in the exams.

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book

2. Pradeep’s Biology – ‘A Textbook of Biology’ from Pradeep’s Publication is one of the good books to be referred for the NEET Exam. As it is updated with new figures and tables, the revised edition also contains NCERT based objective questions. As well as unit-wise and previous year questions too. It gives the needed information as well as basic concepts as well.

Author – Dr. H.N. Srivastava P.S Dhami, Dr. G. Chopra

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3. Dinesh Biology – It is one of the best books when it comes to solving the MCQ series in Biology. Because it has questions in an orderly manner i.e. having topic-wise as well as revisionary questions. It is available in 3 volumes. Apart from that, it has greater, vast, and in-depth elaboration of every topic. At the end of every chapter, the summary is provided containing important points from the corresponding topic.

Author: K.N. Bhatia , K. Bhatia

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book

4. Trueman’s Biology Volume 1 and 2 – One of the top-rated books, This book is very good for those students who prefer to get additional information in respect to Biology as it contains detailed information and illustrations which can be easily understood by anyone. Concepts are explained in such a way that they can be memorized easily. Every chapter in this book has sub-sections This book is designed keeping in note the pattern followed by CBSE as well as NTA.

Author – Tyagi, Goyal

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book 1

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5. Complete Guide Biology NEET (MTG) –Highly recommended book for NEET aspirants as it contains detailed theory and is followed by “Exam Café” is there that provides detailed explanations of the topic-wise questions. Apart from that, every chapter ends with a concept map that gives insight into key concepts. Overall, it provides conceptual theory with defined examples and workout sections.

Author – MTG Editorial Board

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book 

6. ACE Biology-The revised version of this book consists of MCQ Series along with a chapter plan with reference to class 11 of the NCERT book. It also provides explanations to some of the selected questions too. Every chapter in this book explains the concept point-wise so that it will be easier to remember the things. Provided that it will have well-explained diagrams that connect the concept and one can also take the advantage of checkpoints as well. It is a “Student-friendly Book”.

Author – Ramesh C. Narang (Author), Sahil Agarwal

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book 1

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7. Objective Biology for NEET(Pearson) – This is one of the trusted books for any medical aspirant aiming for clearing the NEET Exam. It comprises 2 volumes that are designed with reference to the syllabus of NCERT of classes 11 and 12. Every single chapter in this book is made in such a way that it gives better insight into the concepts along with the recently solved question paper. Theoretical explanation with well-defined diagrams also there. One can also make use of mock tests as well as sample papers for the upcoming NEET exam.

Author – Rajiv Vijay

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book 1

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8. NEET Biology (Arihant NEET in 40 days preparation strategy) – One of the good books for NEET aspirants. It consists of 2 exercises – Foundation question exercises which have topic-wise questions and Progressive question exercise which involves difficult questions. Apart from this, everyday exercises, unit tests, mock tests are also available.

Author – Arihant Publication

Amazon Link To Purchase The Book

9. NCERT at your Fingertips (MTG) – As the name indicates it keeps NCERT at your fingertips because it provides the snapshots that will help in easy and quick revision of important concepts. Topic-wise MCQ Series are there and adding to that one can check the progress as well as it has “Preparation Meter”. Previous year and recent year questions are also included.

Author – MTG Editorial Board

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10. Biology by GRB Bathla’s Publication – one of the leading publishers in India. It focuses mainly on the concept-based understanding of the topics that will surely help students in cracking the exam.


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11. Objective Botany by Ansari- Exclusively for Botany, considered to be a student-friendly book and the contents are well designed. Chapters like plant kingdom and morphology are very well explained. Also provided with some tips and tricks for solving genetics problems. Diagrams, flowcharts are self-explanatory. Every single chapter in this book contains information from NCERT Books.

Author – S. Ansari Msc ( Gold Medalist )

Amazon link to purchase the book

12. Medical Entrances Biology – Volume I, II & III by Target Publications – It consists of redesigned mock test series as per the NTA Pattern. Advanced level MCQs are also available. It helps in quick and easy revision for the students. It is also provided with some short-cut tips and tricks. Hints are also given wherever required. MCQs are covered subtopic-wise. Different techniques are also mentioned in the book for better understanding as well as in solving the problems. Apart from this ‘Mnemonics’ and ‘Scientific Names and Discoveries’ are also included.

Author – Content Team At Target Publications

Amazon Link To Purchase the book

13. Moderns ABC of Biology for XI and XII by B B Arora, A K Sabharwal (Modern Publishers) – One of the best books for beginners because it contains colorful images. In fact, the key features and classifications are designed in such a way that students can easily grasp them without much complexity. The way Plant physiology and Human physiology are explained in the book will undoubtedly help students for competitive exams like NEET.

Author – A.K. Sabharwal & Dr. B.B. Arora

Amazon Link To Purchase the book

14. Genetics by Strickberger – Genetics is one of the important portions from Biology which holds good weightage in the NEET Exam. Mainly conceptual questions are asked. This book will help in building higher concepts and comes with a number of illustrations, references as well as problems at the end of every chapter.

Author – Strickberger

Amazon Link To Purchase the book

15. Objective NCERT Gear Up Biology for NEET by Vipin Kumar Sharma and Dr. Ajay Mohan – This is the simplified version of NCERT Books. More elaborate explanations are provided for difficult questions with reference to NCERT Book. And is the only book that provides page-wise references from NCERT. Adding to this colorful diagram that can be self-analyzed and understood. This book also contains QR Code that can be utilized for attending Live classes.

Author – Vipin Kumar Sharma, Dr. Ajay Mohan, Parth Goyal

Amazon Link To Purchase the book

16. ESSENCE OF BIOLOGY by Harekrushna Giri Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra – This book is helpful for all the students who wish to pursue higher education and clear competitive exams like NEET. It provides insight into the main ideas and concepts of biology in a very simple yet lucid manner. Not only that, biological terms, laws, definitions, concepts are well explained. In fact, it features all the terms that are given in NCERT Book.

Author – Harekrushna Giri Dr Biswajit Mohapatra

Amazon link to buy the book

17. Master The NCERT for NEET 11 & 12 Biology – Vol.1 2021  by Sanjay Sharma – Another revised book based on NCERT syllabus of classes 11 and 12. It provides topic-wise objective questions at the end of every chapter. For difficult questions, explanations are also provided.

Author – Sanjay Sharma

Amazon Link To Purchase the Book

18. Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET, 2ed, 2022 – by Himanshu Agarwal – This book covers the entire syllabus of classes 11 and 12 (botany and zoology). After every chapter practice questions are available which are divided into different levels (according to the difficulty level). Previous year question papers are also available, provided with weightage of different chapters. Full syllabus question papers are also available for practice. For tricky questions, hints, as well as explanations, are also available.

Author – Himanshu Agarwal

Amazon Link To Purchase the Book

19. ERRORLESS BIOLOGY 2022 (NEET) – Available in 2 volumes. A very good book for medical aspirants. The book is designed based on the NTA pattern. Theoretical portions are well explained and that too in more detail. Topics and subtopics are also available. Questions are given based on chapters and different levels. One advantage is that it provides a code that gives access to eBooks as well as some practice questions.

Author – Expert Team Of Teacher (Author), Based On Theory & Objective Ncert Books (Contributor)

Amazon Link To Purchase the Book

20. SC Verma Biology books- This book is preferred by most NEET Aspirants because of its simplistic language and easy understanding techniques.

Author – Disha Experts

Amazon Link To Purchase the Book

I hope this helps and gives you a better insight about what to do, how to do etc. So always try to plan a strategy before gearing up for exams.

One must keep 4 things in your mind –

  • Understand- Yes, understand what is important and what is not important. Go through the syllabus and make yourself aware of the pattern for the exam. 
  • Study – Once you get the idea you must start working towards it. Prepare a timetable and go ahead with it.
  • Practice – Practice is an utmost requirement for any competitive exams.
  • Lastly, Revise – It is a very important fact that whatever we have studied must be there in our memory so that continuous revision is mandatory. So make it a habit right from the beginning itself.

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