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Join the Future of Biomedicine Research as a Junior Doctor Intern

Clinical Research Internship For MBBS Graduates at nference

Clinical Research Internship For MBBS Graduates at nference. It is a computational platform for reverse engineering biology. Interested Candidates check out the details below and Apply Online.

Job Position: Research Clinical Junior Doctor – Intern

Company: nference Labs

Job Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

At nFerence Labs, the “Google of Biomedicine”. We are building the world’s first large-scale computational platform for reverse engineering biology. Just as 20th-century science consisted of the deconstruction of physics unlocking all the engineering and tech applications we are so familiar with, this century is witnessing the deconstruction or reverse engineering of biological systems to unlock all kinds of medical and wellness applications.

nFerence is one of the few companies with the data, funding, people, and tech to make significant initial forays into this 21st-century endeavor. Our platform is premised on using AI and high-performance computing to connect clinical observations (phenotypes) to DNA-level phenomena (genotypes); in the process helps unravel biology, as well as help pharma companies, perform faster and more efficient drug discovery, and helps early diagnosis of several key diseases.

We collaborate heavily with premier medical research institutions to get media insights from patient information including multiple modalities: text, lab data, images, ECGs, etc. See also our affiliated company developing cardiology AI; where we are conducting clinical studies for cardiovascular algorithms. Our team is a blend of computer scientists and domain experts (biology and medical MDs, and PhDs from premier universities), and we provide an exciting open fast-paced dynamic workplace designed to foster innovative solutions.

About Anumana:

Anumana™ is an AI-driven health technology company from nference, building and commercializing AI solutions to improve patient care throughout the cardiac care continuum. Anumana™ is harnessing industry-leading AI and translational science to decode electrical signals from the heart as never before, empowering healthcare providers to transform patient care throughout the cardiac clinical pathway.

Serious cardiovascular diseases affect millions of people worldwide, often going undiagnosed until symptoms advance and patients deteriorate. Unfortunately, these conditions can remain undiagnosed until the patient suffers a life-threatening event. Innovations enabling earlier diagnoses could address this unmet medical need and empower healthcare providers to intervene with life-saving treatments.

Anumana recently acquired NeuTrace and is leveraging the power of novel ECG-EGM-EMR integration for clinically valuable, actionable insights. With nference’s proprietary nSights real-world evidence generation platform, built on data from leading health systems, we combine unparalleled longitudinal structured and unstructured electronic medical record data with diagnostic and interventional ECGs and EGMs.

By applying AI techniques to these electrical signals from the heart, the company has uncovered clinically critical electrical signatures and patterns unrecognizable to the human eye. The resulting software products can be integrated into routine clinical practice for earlier disease diagnosis and in-procedure decision-making.


  • Strong understanding of the nuances of medicine pertaining to patient care (a broader understanding of Cardiology/ Internal Medicine/ ICU is preferred)
  • Basic interpretation of ECGs
  • Strong interest in research and product development
  • Basic understanding of Python and SQL (Optional)
  • Basic understanding of biostatistics (Optional)

Job Description

  • Working in close proximity with the software and data science team in developing deep learning models based on ECG inputs
  • Tagging the dataset with high-level accuracy for the development of AI models
  • Curating disease codes, procedure codes, lab codes, etc either from external sources or from internal data as and when required.
  • Reviewing the patient notes in EHR as required
  • Develop clinically sound and scientifically relevant technical user stories by utilizing the apps that are already developed or under development.


  • Chance to be a permanent part of “Google of biomedicine” as recognized by the Washington Post
  • Work with some of the brilliant minds of the world solving exciting real-world problems through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, analytics, and insights through triangulating unstructured and structured information from the biomedical literature as well as from large-scale molecular and real-world datasets.
  • Chance to be a contributing author in research publications


Education: MBBS from a reputed institution in India

Internship Duration: 6 Months




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