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Do’s & Don’ts For NEET Medical Exam

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET Exam

The do’s and don’ts for the NEET exam are an important part of the candidate’s study schedule in order to qualify for the examinations. All candidates must familiarize themselves with the NEET exam pattern in order for them to be well versed with it.

It is critical to make the most of every minute of NEET preparation. Knowing the dos and don’ts for NEET preparation will make these days easier. With the help of these NEET dos and don’ts, candidates will be able to maximize their output. The NEET dos and don’ts are intended to inform candidates about common mistakes made during various stages of preparation, as well as during and after exams. Knowing the NEET dos and don’ts on exam day will help candidates understand what is and is not permitted. This will relieve some of the pressure and make them more relaxed on the big day.

Students must be confident in their NEET preparation and should not panic. They should approach the exam calmly and composedly, paying no attention to any other irrelevant or unnecessary distractions. Diverting one’s attention can lead to distraction, which students should avoid at all costs, especially during preparation and the exam.

We have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for NEET preparation before, during, and after the exam. Read the article to plan your preparation strategy effectively.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET Exam

Do’s for NEET exam preparation

 Do make a study plan for yourself

Students must create a study plan for themselves that includes all important topics. The topics should be divided in such a way that each one receives adequate attention. The first and most crucial step in preparing for NEET is to create a study schedule. The timetable is a blueprint that tells you what and when to study. Read the syllabus and pattern carefully, then create a schedule based on your time constraints. Consider how much time you’ll need to prepare new topics and go over everything you’ve read. Also, set aside enough time for mock tests and their analysis.

Most importantly, students must follow this study plan religiously. Maintaining and adhering to a well-structured timetable is critical when preparing for an exam like the NEET. A timetable ensures that a student’s time is managed correctly and that there is less confusion about preparations.

Do break down the syllabus

Students can divide the NEET syllabus into smaller units and prepare for each topic separately. This will relieve students of the burden of preparing the entire syllabus at once. Aspirants can also check the NEET chapter-wise weightage and important topics and plan their studies accordingly.

Do take care of your health

It is essential to take care of one’s own health while preparing for NEET. This is due to the fact that even a minor lapse in judgment can result in the students missing an entire academic session. Blind preparation with no regard for mental and physical health is a risk that students should avoid; if a student is not well when the actual examination is approaching, the entire effort the student has put in will be for naught.

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamDo practice

When it comes to scoring well on the NEET, regular practice is essential. It becomes necessary to complete as many mock tests and sample papers as possible. Students must keep in mind that knowledge is useless unless it is applied. Students should also study previous year’s question papers to understand the pattern. The best way to ensure exam preparation is to entirely analyze the topics you know and have little or no difficulty tackling. Practice the ones you already know to strengthen your domain between studying for other topics. To achieve perfection, use NEET Mock Tests. Keep track of the number of questions correctly answered in the time allotted. With each attempt, try to improve on this record. This will help hone your brain’s ability to work accurately and quickly.

Use NCERT books as the primary source 

NCERT books are your best friends in the preparation of NEET. 70% of the questions come from NCERT Textbooks, so students should ensure that they have completed the NCERT books.

Learn time management

Divide your time between topics based on your level of knowledge. It is recommended that you create a timetable for your studies in order to make the best use of your time and prepare thoroughly. Maintain your calm and focus on answering as many questions as you can confidently in the time allotted.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamSelf-assessment and reassessment

Make a plan for each month in which you will study specific chapters and then practice them with question banks or NEET test series. This will familiarise you with the examination pattern and give you an idea of which topics are important or repetitive.

NEET ExamConcentrate on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses

Your strengths are assets that you can use to propel yourself forward. On the other hand, your weaknesses are not your downfall – these are the areas in which you must improve. It’s not something you’re lacking – instead, it is something you must cultivate and construct.

Adhere to the syllabus

Many students become confused during their NEET preparation and begin referring to advanced-level books. As a result, they waste time on questions that will not be asked in this exam. Students should keep in mind that the questions in the NEET will only be of the Class 12 level, so stick to the NEET syllabus. You don’t need to have a graduation-level understanding of these subjects to crack NEET. The NEET syllabus is extensive, and a standard approach will not be very productive when it comes to covering every topic. Making a proper study plan and approaching the syllabus intelligently is the only way to ensure proper preparation.

Revise on a regular basis

The key to success is revision. It is critical to go over the topics you have read several times in order to retain as much information as possible. Students must keep in mind the level of difficulty and competition that NEET entails, and they must practice and revise each topic accordingly.

Remain calm

Maintaining a calm demeanor throughout your exam preparation and, especially on exam day, is vital. Your year of preparation will be put to the test for three hours, and you should not waste it due to stress and pressure. When you’re feeling stressed, take a deep breath and relax. Try to answer all of the questions on the paper.

Do make your own notes

Since the syllabus for the NEET exam is so extensive, students may forget what they have learned. So, keep a neat notebook and try to write down all of the important points in your own words. Use a marker to write down all of the shortcut techniques and highlight the most repeated and important questions from the exam. It is always preferable to write once rather than re-read 10 times.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamTake breaks 

Take short breaks from studying to clear your mind of any clutter or topic confusion. Assess what you have retained at the end of each break, and whatever is unclear or cannot be collected should be again added to the timetable for comprehensive learning.

Do’s Before the NEET exam day

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamDo visit the exam center before the exam day

Students are advised to visit the NEET exam center a day before the exam to familiarise themselves with the route and avoid the last-minute rush on the exam day.

Download your admit card 

Download the NEET admit card as soon as it is available online. Also, keep a passport-sized photograph and a valid ID proof ready, which has to be brought to the exam center.

Do Keep things ready for the exam day

Do not wait until the last minute to download your NEET admit card. Due to technical issues, the official website may not be operational before the exam day, or there may be a spelling error on the NEET admit card. As a result, it is recommended that one check and download the admit card well in advance. Students should also have their parents sign it in the space provided, as well as paste their postcard-sized photograph (which they uploaded during registration) in 4 “x6” dimensions.

Do’s on the NEET examination day

Follow the NEET dress code

On the day of the exam, wear the dress as per the NEET dress code. Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in time waste or disqualification from taking the exam.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamArrive at the exam center at least a half-hour early

To avoid a last-minute rush, students should try to arrive at the exam center on time to complete the verification procedures.

NEET ExamSit only on the allotted seat

Take a seat that is assigned to you. And make sure your roll number is mentioned on the allotted seat. Otherwise, it may lead to confusion or may also lead to the cancellation of your candidature.

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamFocus on the question paper

Students should not panic during the exam and should try to remain as calm as possible. Concentrate on the questions being asked to help with time management.

Follow the guidelines

Follow the invigilator’s instructions regarding the filling of the OMR sheet and examination hour rules, and clear any doubts before attempting anything on your own.

Check the pen provided to you

The pen is generally provided to you at the exam hall. Check the pen provided to you on exam day before the exam begins so you don’t waste time after the exam begins.

Read the instructions carefully

Before beginning your exam, carefully read the instructions and ensure that you are following the rules. At all costs, avoid engaging in any suspicious activities. 

NEET ExamSolve easier questions first

Solve the questions that are easier to answer first, and then move on to the more difficult ones.

Keep an eye on the time

Always keep an eye on the time. If you don’t keep track of time, you might end up spending too much time on one section.

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamBe Punctual

It is necessary to arrive at the examination center on time, possibly a bit earlier. Before sitting for an examination, a student must go through several procedures such as verification, frisking, and so on, and ample time is required for the entire process to be completed. So, make sure you reach the exam center before or at least on time.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamCarry all important items

Before entering the exam hall, students must ensure that they have everything they need, such as their admit card, pen, and so on.

Stick to the rules

To avoid any kind of trouble, candidates must follow every rule laid out by the NTA and the invigilator present in the examination hall.

Do’s After NEET exam

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamKeep track of the NTA’s notices, announcements, and releases

Following NEET, the NTA releases important documents such as the provisional answer key, OMR sheet, recorded responses, and so on, which are very important for candidates during the counseling and admission processes, and students must make sure to check the official NEET website ( daily.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamCalculate a rough score/rank

Students must ensure to retain their answers because any kind of marking on the question paper is prohibited. After the exam, students can compare their answers to the answer keys released on the same day to calculate a rough score/rank and predict which colleges they might qualify for when the results/merit list is released.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET Exam

Dont’s for NEET preparation

Do not compare yourself to others

It is not a good idea to compare your academic progress to that of your friends. Everyone has a different study strategy, and your friend may be faster or slower than you in terms of completing the syllabus.  Avoid comparing your preparation levels with others. This may cause you to lose confidence and panic before the exam. The success of others should not be used to motivate you to study. Regardless of your friend’s preparation, your goal is to do well on the exam. So it is recommended that you concentrate on your own studies.

Do not avoid sleep

Candidates must get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day during NEET preparation. In the long run, fewer hours of sleep can have a negative impact on both mental and physical health.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDo not procrastinate

You never know what will happen the next day. The ideal time to do something is right now. We keep putting things off until tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes. One of the primary causes of failure is dawdling. When studying for the NEET, students must cover a vast array of topics. Make an effort to complete your To-Do list on a daily basis. A backlog of unfinished tasks will only lead to frustration and disappointment. Do not procrastinate anything related to your NEET preparation. If you have doubts clear them right away.

Do not lose hope

You may feel overwhelmed by the problem’s difficulty, but never lose faith in yourself. The results of the mock tests are not always indicative of actual preparations. Don’t let this cause panic or negative thoughts. Dedication, hard work, and the right skill set can all help you pass the exam with flying colors.

NEET ExamDo not let your doubts pile up

To do well in NEET, it is critical that you clear any doubts that arise during the preparation process. Not resolving these questions can cost you marks in the exam. Clear your doubts as soon as possible, as procrastinating can cause a lot of problems in the long run.

Do not be hesitate to use YouTube videos or tutorials

The number of online lectures has grown exponentially in recent years. Some of these videos are excellent and educational. It’s not a bad idea to refer to these videos if you have any doubts.

Do not discuss your preparation strategy

While it is fine to discuss with friends, but discussing and comparing your preparation strategy with others may have a negative impact on your preparation. Do not be swayed by what others have accomplished and continue to work towards your goal.

Do not overburden yourself with multiple books

Please don’t overburden yourself with books. Examine each book briefly to determine which ones are best for you. Make sure to read through each topic to determine which book best explains the concepts you need to learn more about.

Do not neglect your health

Read, study, solve question papers, and evaluate your preparation, but remember to eat at regular intervals so you’re never too full or too hungry to study. Consume a healthy, nutritious diet and get plenty of fresh air. It is a good idea to make a plan to spend some time outside every day. Discuss your fears and discomfort with friends and family on a regular basis. This will assist you in remaining sane and calm, which is an important aspect of success in any endeavor.

Do not make any last-minute preparations

Although last-minute preparations can help you remember important formulas and concepts, there is a risk that you will forget what you have learned. As a result, avoid studying any new topics on or before the exam day. Only review the key concepts and formulas needed to solve numerical problems.

Do not forget to take a break

NEET preparation is a daily routine that can become monotonous for students and sometimes too much for them to handle. Students must understand the importance of taking a break from preparations to re-energize themselves.

Do not overstress

NEET preparation is a daily routine that can become monotonous for students and sometimes too much for them to handle. Students must recognize the importance of taking a break from studying in order to re-energize.

Don’ts Before or on the day of the NEET exam

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDo not forget to study methodically

Once you’ve grasped the syllabus, it’ll be easy to calculate the minimum marks to pass the exam. Aim to complete at least 130 questions in total before moving on to the balance. Answering questions just by guessing can lead to negative marks, so better avoid it.

Do not Compromise, Work hard

Don’t rush through answering all of the questions. Use your time wisely to determine the correct answer; don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed. Maintain your calm and focus on answering as many questions as you can confidently in the time allotted. In the end, you can go back and revisit the ones you skipped.

Do not carry any prohibited items into the exam hall

Do not carry any prohibited items like phones, calculators, eatables, etc that are not permitted in the examination center or exam hall, as they may prevent you from taking the exam.


Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDo not make any mistakes on the OMR sheet

Carefully mark the answers on the OMR sheet. Making any mistakes can lead to negative markings.

Don’ts during the NEET exam

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamDo not rush through the instructions

Don’t rush through the instructions provided. You may overlook some key points.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDo not engage in any conversation with the other students

It is not permitted to discuss with fellow candidates. Not abiding by the rules will lead to disqualification.

NEET ExamDo not note down the questions

Do not attempt to take notes on the questions as this may result in the cancellation of your candidature.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDo not leave the exam hall before time

Do not leave the exam hall until you have been given permission to do so.

Do's & Don'ts For NEET ExamDo not waste your time on a single question

Do not waste your time on a question if you do not know the answer. Skip to the next question and return to the difficult ones after you have finished all of the others.

Don’ts After NEET

NEET ExamDo not compare your performance with others

Comparing one’s performance to that of others is the most common way for students to lose hope and motivation and should be avoided.

Do’s & Don’ts For NEET ExamDon’t give up

Even if a student did not achieve enough score/rank to make it into the merit list, they should not lose hope or motivation. Because NEET allows for multiple attempts, candidates can always retake the exam with better preparation.

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