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How To Prepare For NEET Along With 12th Boards?

How To Prepare For NEET In 12th

Tips For Preparing For NEET Exam Along With 12th Board 

As there are no alternative means to hard work, one has to employ smart strategies in order to succeed in a highly competitive rat race. This is so true in the case of students who need to juggle competitive exam preparations like NEET and 12th board exams. The crucial aspect to be noted here is the act of balancing. In this way, you can prepare and Crack NEET With Board Exams. In this article, we will answer the question – How To Prepare For NEET In 12th Class, in detail.

NEET (National Entrance cum Eligibility Test) is one of the significant all-India entrance exams for securing admission to BDS & MBBS programs at reputed institutes in the country. This national-level examination is organized by NTA or National Testing Agency. NEET exam is based on four subjects- Botany, Zoology, Chemistry & Physics. The paper consists of 180 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with 4 marks for each correct answer. The examination is conducted for a total of 3 hours. Since the number of candidates appearing for the NEET exam is shooting up each year, it is extremely important to begin your exam preparations early, preferably from high school itself.

How To Prepare For NEET In 12th? – The first and foremost thing to take into account is that you need to identify the common topics present in both the board and NEET exam syllabus. When you devise a study plan, remember to consider this as well. Time management tactics and smart strategies can eventually help you in clearing both exams with good scores and decimate your worries.

This article on Crack NEET With Board Exams gives point-by-point strategies to assist students in preparing for the NEET exam along with the 12th board without compromising on any of them. Find answer to the question – How To Prepare For NEET In 12th.

It is wise to begin NEET exam preparation from 11 the grade itself as you can save energy & time and avoid interference with preparation for the board exam. However, preparing for the NEET exam along with the 12th board helps you in improved retention for both the exam as well as for the future. So read along to see how to Crack NEET With Board Exams.

Benefits Of Preparing The NEET Exam Along With 12th Boards

NEET exam preparation along with 12th boards has many advantages. Even though it requires complete dedication and may be difficult at first, it can boost your performance in both exams. Some of the perks of preparing for both examinations are discussed below.

  • The similarity in certain subjects: Besides mathematics, all other subjects are similar in both NEET and 12th board syllabus. Most students start early for their NEET exam preparation. Even though students preparing for both exams together find some concepts which are different, most of them are beneficial.
  • General science-based questions: Since the NEET examination is an undergraduate exam, questions are framed in a general way such that candidates who have finished their 12th board can solve the paper easily. If students scrupulously examine the syllabus of the NEET exam, they can easily study and score well for both exams.
  • No year loss: Medical aspirants usually take a break after their 12th board just for preparing for the NEET exam. This results in a loss of the year and can drastically affect their career. This can be avoided by preparing for the NEET exam along with the 12th board exams.
  • Remain in a studying environment: Naturally, when candidates prepare for the NEET exam along with their 12th board, they tend to be in a studying environment. So, this can help in the flow of studying without any lags or procrastination. Moreover, the fundamentals of 12th will help in the NEET exam.

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Point-By-Point Strategies For Preparing NEET Exam Along With 12th Board

Understand the NEET exam syllabus

The main priority must be the NEET exam syllabus. Most teachers explain these topics in the class itself. However, if it is not clear, try to understand the concepts during self-study with video lessons. You will feel more confident after revising the common NEET exam syllabus sections and will help you in easily covering the rest of the syllabus.

Students should know the kind of questions asked in the NEET exam. Class 12th syllabus is extensive. Therefore, students can make a study plan including the daily time for covering individual sections from each chapter and weekend time for NEET exam preparation.

Devise a realistic timetable for the NEET exam

This is one of the main strategies for the NEET exam preparation that needs to be well executed. Create a smart schedule for preparing NEET exam along with the 12th board. Include all topics, time for revision, and most importantly remember to balance both exam curriculum.  Another aspect to be considered is the daily activities like school timing, hobby, and so on as well as the time when they are most comfortable for studying (For instance early in the morning or late at night). Strictly follow this study plan. Also bear in mind not to over plan. Work diligently with smart techniques.

Study plans devised must be realistic as well. There is no point in making a timetable with unachievable goals. Identify your strong & weak points and make a schedule to improve your abilities accordingly. Remember to have short learning sessions, have practical goals, and work hard on reaching the target with maximum concentration. It is best to avoid cramming. Spend sufficient time in clearly grasping the topics and later go for revisions.

Students are often confused about how to balance NEET exam preparation along with 12 board because of the marked difference in the pattern of the exams. The NEET exam paper consists of MCQs whereas the 12th board exam paper comprises a mix of subjective & objective type questions. In order to make an effective study plan, candidates should make sure that they have an extensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, which can help them in solving any type of question.

NEET Exam Along With 12th Board

Make a flexible schedule 

Even if you missed a preplanned revision, you must resume the rest of the study plan. Don’t be nervous. Bear in mind that you have the flexibility to change your schedule according to other daily activities. Change the timing of the missed revision to another free time. In case you can’t move forward without finishing the missed chapter, finish the chapter first. Find extra time in your study plan to include planned revision of the entire syllabus within the time limit.

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Manage your time wisely

It is essential for students in class 12, who are also appearing for the NEET exam, to manage their valuable time productively. Besides preparing for the board exam, candidates need to squeeze in at least one hour daily to prepare for the NEET exam. It is important that you study when you are comfortable and when you can contribute fully. Competitive exam preparation gets better with multiple rounds of revision. So, it is absolutely important to make enough time for revision. Rather than blindly learning the topics from the NEET exam syllabus, one needs to find their weaknesses and strengths by taking up weekly tests or regular online mock tests.

Identify the common topics of NEET & 12th board exams

It is a common misconception that 12 board exams include just the syllabus from class 12. On the contrary, the fundamentals of the board exam are completely dependent on the syllabus from class 11. In order to ace the exam, you need to have a detailed understanding of the concepts present in the class 11 syllabus as well. Therefore, now you will be able to cover the fundamental concepts which are asked in the NEET exam, the benefits of this scheme are two-fold.

Identification of the common topics is the most crucial element of the NEET exam preparation. Students have to assess the entire syllabus, check for similarity, and work appropriately. This can be helpful during your revision.

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Use your school hours productively

During school time, try to concentrate and use the time completely for board exam preparations. Try to be attentive during school hours such that you can clearly understand the basics right from the class itself rather than spending additional time on that topic. Besides saving your valuable time for the NEET exam preparation, this can additionally help in giving a strong foundation for the board exams.

Choose one subject at a time

Try to focus on one subject at a time as it is crucial to clearly understand the weak points and improve them. Since you will need more time to understand the concepts of the difficult topics, it is wise to start with weak areas first. Seek assistance from your subject guides and teachers if you find it really hard to understand.

Create a subject-wise study plan

Determining the requirements of each subject in the NEET exam makes it simple for students to prepare for the exam.

  • Biology (Zoology + Botany): For the NEET exam, the most significant subject is biology. All the sections in biology are equally important. So thoroughly understand all the concepts. However, some of the high-weightage topics in biology are human & plant physiology, biomolecular sciences, biotechnology, and ecology. Questions from this paper are usually more direct and much easier than chemistry & physics. Therefore, it is ideal to revise the topics well such that you will be able to remember them instantly while reading the questions for the exam.
  • Chemistry: The fundamentals of inorganic & organic chemistry are important in this subject. This subject on the other hand is very significant to score well for the NEET exam. Instead of detailed understanding, fundamental knowledge is enough for acing in this paper. Most MCQs are based on physical chemistry, hence ensure that you cover that topic. The chemistry section in the NEET exam paper is generally framed from the NCERT book, so it will be easier for students to score if they are referring to NCERT books for chemistry.
  • Physics: This subject requires lots of patience, hence it is vital to acquire fundamental knowledge as well as employ a step-by-step approach for the study. Some of the high weightage topics in this paper are capacitance, thermal properties of matter, electric potential, nuclei, system particle, electromagnetic induction, semiconductors, power, work, energy, thermodynamics, volume-pressure relationship, vector, motion, and rotation.

Never skip any topic in the NEET exam syllabus

As students tend to check out how to prepare for the NEET exam, they should focus on the NEET exam syllabus and complete it by the appropriate time. Since you can’t predict the questions asked in the NEET exam, it is best to cover all the topics. Spend more time in self-studies and revise the entire syllabus again & again. This recollection of information will solidify the basics.

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Extensively study NCERT books

When it comes to the NEET exam and 12 board exam preparation, NCERT books are the first priority study material that should be referred to. These books are basic and core for both exams. NCERT books are highly suggested for Biology, Chemistry & Physics. The main thing to be noted is the language simplicity of these books. Try to understand all the concepts in detail while preparing for the NEET exam along with the 12th board.

Be specific with study material 

It is always best to stick to the standard books like NCERT and other pertinent study materials while you prepare for the NEET exam along with your 12th board. It is an utter waste of time to hoard up on unnecessary books. Seeing the difficulty and competitiveness of the NEET exam, most of the students buy different books and refer to them. But this can only result in confusion and failure to understand the concept. Be very specific when you choose the study material for the NEET exam preparation.


Attempt to answer full-length sample papers and try to assess your performance each time. Find out your position in this cut-throat competition. You must answer at least 3 sample papers per month for achieving the best score. During the preparation for the NEET exam, you might find physics a bit challenging. Therefore, you need to work more on this subject. Since most of the questions from physics are numerical, all you need to do is practice.

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Take coaching classes

If you find it extremely hard to cope up with self-studies, join a good coaching center for the NEET exam preparation along with the 12th board. These centers have a well-structured study plan for both these examinations. They help you to finish the curriculum of these exams at the same time with a series of mock tests, discussions, sample question papers, lectures, and so on.

Conceptual clarity is vital

In the quest of – How To Prepare For NEET In 12th? Most importantly NEET aspirants have to clearly understand the fundamentals and basics of subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. A chapter-wise study method is also crucial as it can help you to understand and know the kinds of questions that could be asked for the NEET exam.

Since both the exams, NEET & 12 board, are based on concepts, it is important to thoroughly understand the concepts as you study. Accurate answers require conceptual clarity. If you have a lucid understanding of the concepts, you will be able to solve both subjective and objective questions and be able to Crack NEET With Board Exams.

Revise at least once

Revision is key to success in any kind of examination. Write down notes of important points in order to simplify the revision process. Remember to highlight major concepts & points and change them into objective questions. Employ two distinctly coloured pens for the 12th board and NEET exam.

As there is no substitute for revision, revise till the last. The NEET exam focuses more on practical knowledge whereas the 12th board exam moves towards theoretical concepts. Initially cover the theoretical concepts and later shift to their applications. Practice solving workbooks, key questions, and test series as much as you can. Identify your mistakes and learn from them. Focus on crucial diagrams and formulas as well. Daily revise these essentials to keep them fresh in your mind. These kinds of similarities will help you to Crack NEET With Board Exams.

NEET Exam Along With 12th BoardTake as many mock tests as possible

Analyzing your performance and taking mock tests regularly can help you in delineating your weaknesses. Hence, students can give more attention to these weak areas and boost their preparations for the NEET exam. Additionally, these tests can enhance your confidence levels, speed, and accuracy as well as helps you in understanding the exam pattern.

Students can access these sample papers or mock tests offline as well as online. NTA has developed an app for the NEET aspirants to take up mock tests freely. Students can also use relevant expert solutions and question banks. If you have understood the basics during your revision, you can easily answer even the higher-order thinking questions. To get a perfect score with questions based on concepts, it is important that you answer as many sample papers as you can. This can help you to Crack NEET With Board Exams.

NEET Exam Along With 12th BoardMake relevant notes

Making notes help you in easily grasping things and eventually helps you in becoming a quick learner. Apart from that, notes help you in easy revision which is indispensable for your NEET exam preparation. Try to come up with objective questions on various topics in order to make it easier. Use a marker to highlight the key points as you write down the notes.

NEET Exam Along With 12th Board

NEET Exam Along With 12th BoardRemain focussed

Dedication and focus are two vital aspects required for the success of the NEET exam and the 12th board exam. It could be hard for some to ignore the alluring world of social media. Nonetheless, to achieve your goals, it is wise to keep your attention away from all types of social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. Although you can use your phone for the NEET exam preparation, you should strictly stay away from all types of social media posts and chats.

NEET Exam Along With 12th BoardDon’t let stress eat you up

Concentrate on your preparation, however, don’t let it overburden you in any way. Remain calm and relieve your stress by talking with your family, or meditating, or listening to your favorite music. Rest well and sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours daily to refresh your brain for studies the next day. Bear in mind that, overburdened studies can never help you in fetching fruitful results.

NEET Exam Along With 12th BoardA sound mind & body is critical

Health always comes first. A healthy & hearty mind can only have the mental & physical capacity to succeed. Try to stay away from unhealthy foods. Eat nutritiously and exercise regularly. Always take short breaks in between and find some time to relax your mind. This can help you retain the things you studied and freshen up your mind.

NEET Exam Along With 12th Board

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) For NEET Aspirants

– Is the NEET exam difficult? How To Prepare For NEET In 12th?

Yes, this exam is considered a bit tough. However, with timely & right preparation, students can easily clear the exam with flying colors.

– Suggest the best method for the NEET exam preparation

Students can begin by creating a well-planned timetable covering online mock test sessions, enough time for each subject, and daily revision of the course.

– What is the fundamental eligibility requirement for the NEET exam?

Candidates must have finished their class 12 or equivalent from an approved board with English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics as their core subjects.

So here we are with How To Prepare For NEET In 12th. If you follow these smart & simple steps, you will definitely stay stress-free and motivated to Crack NEET With Board Exams. Always remember that without perseverance you can’t achieve this. So, with strong motivation, determination, and focus, you can make your dream come true. All the best!

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