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Get Paid to Summarize Medical Records! Apply Now for this Unique Job Opportunity

Medical Associate Jobs in Genpact – Jobs for Medical Graduates

With a startup spirit and 90,000+ curious and courageous minds, we have the expertise to go deep with the world’s biggest brands—and we have fun doing it. Now, we’re calling all you rule-breakers and risk-takers who see the world differently, and are bold enough to reinvent it. Come, transform with us. Medical Associate Jobs in Genpact – Jobs for Medical Graduates. Interested candidates can check out the details below and Apply.

Job Position: Process Associate – Medical Summarizer

Job ID: MRS-INS007389

Primary Location: Noida, India

In this role you will be responsible for Summarization of medical records. This function involves reading and understanding various types of medical records varying in size and complexity and then detailing the content pursuant to the summarization guidelines in an efficient and effective manner on standardized templates.


  • Review and interpret large quantities of information into a concise format assembling all necessary information accurately.
  • Review typed and/or handwritten medical treatment records and decipher in a streamlined manner targeting specific information.
  • Identify and categorize the information displayed in paragraphs into specified sections defined by the process and procedures.
  • Document the exact record and page for end user to quickly locate the original record.
  • Prepare a “living” document of all medical records received and reviewed in an effective and efficient manner.

Educational Qualification

Medical Graduate/Doctor (Physiotherapist / Homeopathy / Unani / Ayurveda/Alternative Medicine), Dentist

Preferred Qualifications

  • Preferred additional business/corporate work experience beyond patient care.
  • US Insurance Industry work experience will be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of US Culture/US Healthcare System/US Legal System.
  • Familiarity with US Medical Terminology.

Essential Functions

Sort Medical Records-

  1. Open the necessary tools and application to perform sorting function as defined in the standard procedures.
  2. Complete all tabs required on Excel Spreadsheet used for the sorting function.
  3. Identify the different record types and document on Excel Spreadsheet along with provider name and date of service.
  4. After Robo-Sort Tool activated, validate records in order by Provider, then by date of treatment and that Forms and Duplicates were moved to respective folders.
  5. Verify if prior versions exist and update the templates as needed.
  6. Complete the required fields on the template as per sorting guidelines.

Bill Log

  1. Post summarization create a bill log documenting all bills, statements, invoices, charges incurred per requestor’s instructions.
  2. Reconcile the bills as per the service dates to the date of loss and relevancy.
  3. Document all adjustments, write-offs and outstanding balances.




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